Ami's Photo Galleries

Welcome to Ami's Photos Galleries. Click on a gallery below to see all of the images within that gallery. We have everything from publicity shots to movie and TV stills, to candid shots you can't find anywhere else but here.

Please check back often as we are working on adding pics for every movie and Ami will be sending me other candid and publicity pics all the time so look to see what is new.

Professional / Personal / Candid


5 Pictures
My Trip

8 Pictures

154 Pictures

25 Pictures


Miracle Beach

29 Pictures
Children of the Night

30 Pictures
She's Out of Control

29 Pictures
Deadalus is Dead

2 Pictures

Can't Buy me Love

9 Pictures
Pumpkinhead 2

25 Pictures
Rescue Me

42 Pictures

21 Pictures

Virtual Seduction

4 Pictures
Witchboard 2

25 Pictures
White Wolves

33 Pictures

TV Shows

Ferris Bueller

1 Pictures
General Hospital

2 Pictures
Growing Pains

2 Pictures
Star Search

9 Pictures

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