Want to know how and when the site was started?
Want to know where the information really comes from for the site?

Well here is a little history about Ami's site...

Ami's site was officially started back in the end of 1996 when i first learned how to build a website. It was originally not www.amidolenz.com, it was a link off of an old company name I used, virtual-designs.com. Once I had gotten in touch with Ami she had agreed to let the site be her official website. Then in 1997 I contacted someone who owned amidolenz.com and he agreed to transfer the site to me once he had a written letter form Ami saying this was for use for her official site.

In August of 1997 I took a trip out to CA to meet Ami and her family (check out the multimedia section to see photos from the trip). Since then Ami and I have become great friends and I have continued running her site for the past 14 years. The site is fully funded by me and it is not paid for in any way by Ami. Amidolenz.com has gone through many different changes over the years with 7 different versions of the site. Some versions lasted longer then others and you can see the progression of Ami's site through out the years on the next page..

Any and all information that is on this site is given directly to me from Ami and Jerry! I do not post gossip or rumored information, everything is discussed with Ami first to make sure it is real information. Most photos are provided by Ami for the site, some fans have contributed photos also (if they wanted credit, it will be under the photo itself).

In the latest version of the site I have added an official forum for fans to post and discuss Ami and her movies. In past version I had a guestbook, but we had to take it down many times due to excessive spam and select rude people. The forum will be moderated by me and Ami so anything inappropriate will be removed and if continued you can face a permanent ban. Ami and Jerry do have the ability to post and moderate the forum so if you see anything posted by me, ami, or jerry, you will know it is us because we are the only ones that have Site admin under our forum names.

The All New version was officially launched on September 15th 2010. We are going to continue to update the site as often as possible. We will be adding more and more photos and videos. We are going to have a special video section that Ami and Jerry will post short little personal videos for all their fans. Check back often as I am always improving this site, it is never a complete project :) I am sure there will be another new version in the near future.

If you have any questions, comments, or anything you wish to contribute, please contact me anytime at webmaster@amidolenz.com

Here are all the previous versions of Ami's official Website from the past 14 years.

Very first version launched
back in 1996

2nd version that was only
up for a short time in 1998

3rd version that was up
for a short time in 1998 - 1999

4th and most popular version launched back in 1999

Version 5 went up sometime in 2005 and only ran for a little over a year

This is a slightly modified copy of version 4 that went up aometime in 2007

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